Here you will find a collection of one of a kind handmade pottery

in nature-inspired colours and textures

inviting you to savor the moment you use them.

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I’m Michelle van Andel, the maker of Triskel Pottery.

For me, working with clay is working with the elements. The clay and the materials that form the glazes, the water you use, and the intense heat you need to fire your work.

I love the simplicity of the process of throwing. It takes time to learn, but all it takes is a spinning wheel and your hands to make beautiful shapes. It’s a craft that has existed for thousands of years. It gives me a feeling of connection.

All my pieces are made on a potter's wheel and shaped by hand. I don’t use rulers or molds.

You can find pieces that match, but you won’t find two that are the same.

I take a lot of time to create a piece and work with passion and attention to detail.

Munnikenland Picture: Calder van Andel            

The Wadden and the Dutch river region are the inspiration for my work. Feed