Thank you for your interest in my work. 


All my pieces are made on the potters wheel, shaped by hand. I don’t use rulers or molds.

One or two days after they are thrown, the pieces become leather hard, and they can be trimmed. Some are polished with a gemstone to get a smooth finish.

When they have their final shape and texture, they need to dry for some days. In winter this can take up to three weeks. 


When the pots are completely dry, they are bisque fired to 1040ºC. 

After this, they are ready to be glazed with non-toxic, lead free glazes to ensure that my pieces are safe to use.

My colour palette is calm and natural, inspired by the coast.

All the glazes are applied with a brush, a time consuming process, but it gives me the opportunity to get effects that you can’t get with dipping or spraying.


When the glaze is applied the pieces get fired for a second time. 

Temperatures between 1200 and 1250ºC will make them strong and durable.


I want my pieces to have a character of their own. 

You can find pieces that match, but you won’t find two completely the same.

I’m not a production potter, I don’t make large amounts. I have a small kiln and only make small batches. I’m not trying to speed up the process, or striving for effectiveness and efficiency, 


Each item takes a lot of time to make, I work with passion and attention for detail, but please don’t expect perfection.


I embrace slow living, and I hope my pieces will invite you to enjoy the moment you use them.


Please get in touch if you have any comments or questions.