I’m Michelle van Andel, the maker of Triskel Pottery.


For me, working with clay is working with the elements. The clay and the materials that form the glazes, the water you use, and the intense heat you need to fire your work.

I love the simplicity of the process of throwing. It takes time to learn, but all it takes is a spinning wheel and your hands to make beautiful shapes. It’s a craft that has existed for thousands of years. It gives me a feeling of connection.


I want the elements and simplicity to show in my work. Keeping the process as basic as possible and my forms as simple but elegant as possible. I like to keep the clay partly unglazed, so you can feel it.


I hope my pots invite you to take them with both hands and to enjoy the moment. 


On Instagram, I show some of my new work and tell you more about the materials I used.


I would love to hear from you, here or there!




The Triskel is the symbol of the elements earth, water and fire. 

It can also refer to sky, water and earth.

It represents movement, motion and personal growth.

There are many other variations of the meaning of the symbol, but these are the reasons why I chose this symbol as my logo.