I’m passionate about pottery. 

I’ve always loved visiting galleries and studios to meet potters and see how they work and live.

In my early twenties, I once visited an artist who converted a barn into an inviting studio. At that moment I thought that it would be the dream to spend your day making beautiful pieces and selling them to people who love what you make. and will use your pieces for their food or drinks. It seemed so unreachable that I didn’t think I could ever achieve it. 


I somehow forgot all about it. Took an education in human resource management, and started a business with my partner, only to find out corporate life wasn’t for me. After that, I wrote some unpublished books, had an online shop selling typewriters and enjoyed spending time with my two now-adult kids.

Six years ago I started making pottery as a hobby. To my surprise, people loved my work and wanted to buy it. That’s when the long-forgotten dream came back, but this time it didn’t seem so impossible.

We have a post-war temporary house in our garden that wasn’t removed but converted to a shed, which turned out to be perfect for a studio.

I share the space with my son who also makes ceramics. We both love to make pottery but our styles differ a lot.


All my pieces are made on a potter's wheel and shaped by hand. I don’t use rulers or moulds. I work with passion and an eye for detail.

Throughout my work, I want the elements and simplicity of the process to show through. Keeping the process as basic as possible and my forms as simple but elegant as possible. I like to keep the clay partly unglazed, so you can see and feel it.


I hope my pots invite you to savor the moment. 


On Instagram, I show some of my new work and tell you more about the making process.

I would love to hear from you here or there!



The triskel symbolizes earth, water and fire. 

It can also refer to the sky, water and the earth.

It represents movement, motion and personal growth.

There are many other variations on the meaning of the symbol.

However, these are the reasons why I chose this symbol as my name and logo.